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Otherworld: Fun for Upcoming Breaks

(Cami Seymore’23/Staff)

Looking for something fun to do on the weekend? Head over to Otherworld. But be prepared to never want to return to reality.

Otherworld is an immersive art experience. It is a mix of sci-fi, fantasy and fairy tale rolled into one, with over 40 rooms designed by different artists. These rooms have secret passageways, hidden symbols and all tell a different story.  You can venture from a room with the fluffy monster to a room with scary clown-like figures attending a funeral. Even the bathrooms have different designs.

The funeral room was my favorite. When the cobwebbed casket was closed, the flowers died and the room turned to a sepia filter. Then everything came back to life when the casket reopened. 

Not only can you enjoy the breathtaking, interactive rooms, there are several scavenger hunts in which you locate symbols hidden throughout the rooms. You take pictures of the symbols with your phone to complete the challenge and then return to a room to plug in the pattern to complete the search.

The complex, detailed rooms have fun interactive elements. For example, there is a children’s room with a blank coloring page on the wall. Once you place your hand on the wall-it colors the page. When you finish, the page comes to life as a videoand then turns to the next blank page. This room also has a secret passage under the bed that leads to a different room. 

Even though Otherworld is pricey ($22 for general admission), it is worth the cost to feel like you have entered an alternate reality for a few hours.

5819 Chantry Drive. Thurs. – Sat. 11AM – 10 PM; Sun. 11AM –  8PM



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