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Learning “In A New Way”: An Interview With Ms. Emily Dennett

(Sarah Neltner’20/Media)

Academy welcomes Ms. Emily Dennett, who joined the faculty this year. She teaches geometry and Advanced Pre-Calculus. 

What were your experiences prior to arriving at Academy?

I went to Wittenberg University and got a bachelor’s in math. Then I went to the University of Massachusetts in Amherst and got a master’s degree in math. I knew I wanted to move back to Ohio, so for the past nine years I was teaching at Central Ohio Technical College, which is a two-year college. I taught statistics and calculus.

 Why do you find math compelling ?

I’ve always seen math like a puzzle. When I was really young, my dad did math games and logic puzzles with me, and it was something that we did periodically for fun. I really like number theory, which is the study of integers. I love that it always gives my mind something to think about.

What inspires you about teaching?

No matter how many times I’ve taught a subject, students will see something in a new way. Not only does this help their classmates learn something new about math, it teaches me something new that I can take in as I continue to teach classes. I am always learning something new, even if I’ve taught it ten or twelve times.

Other hobbies?

I really love to read. I love a nice long novel that I can really get into. I like to knit and crochet, and, of course, spend time with my family.

How would you characterize your experiences at Academy so far?

Really exciting and really fun. It’s really great to be a part of this community and be able to also see students outside the classroom, whether it’s on the field, in the plays, or even just in assembly each week. So yes, they have been very community-based and exciting.

What do you hope to bring to our community?

There’s already this awesome math department here, so just joining them with exciting lessons can help students to see math in a new way and help students to find what they are passionate about and find exciting in math.


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