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Choir’s Fall Concert

Seniors Jay Gokhale, Ezra Johnson, Simon Iobst, Kathan Reddy, Donovan Simpson, and junior Lily Plaugher sang “I Can See Clearly Now” on the theater’s balcony.

The 6th graders followed with “Seize the Day” from the musical, Newsies, along with “Pictures of Fall” and “The Moon.” 

The 7th grade singers performed “Wonderful Life” from the movie, Small Foot. The 8th graders followed with “I Will Fly.” The 7th and 8th grade choirs came together to sing “Have It All.”

The Treble Choir began their pieces with “I Will Be the Gladdest Thing,” “Autumn Vesper,” and “You Are the Song.” 

After that, Camerata sang “Ad Astra” and “The Song We Sing,” followed by “Drveće,” an original song composed by senior Simon Iobst, who also conducted the work. “Drveće” describes trees in Bosnia and Herzegovina and how many of them were killed in the war between Bosnia and Serbia, along with thousands of Bosnian soldiers and civilians. Junior, Lauren Motta ended the performance with “Stand By Me.” 

Choir director, Amy Brooks, conducted the show. Jennifer Kristoff was the piano accompanist.



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