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Rachel Gorsuch: Ohio’s Math Teacher of the Year

Ohio’s Math Teacher of the Year, Rachel Gorsuch. (Andrew Barren’22/Media)

Rachael Gorsuch, a mathematics teacher in the Upper School, was selected as the State High School Teacher of the Year by the Ohio Council of Teacher of Mathematics (OCTM). This is no small feat since every teacher across the entire state vies to be the best they can be.

When asked about her unconventional teaching style, Gorsuch elaborated: 

“Students look at me like I’m a little crazy, because I didn’t just show a bunch of examples and just tell people how to do it. That’s uncomfortable, but the longer that students are in my class, they will understand that I really care about their success and understanding, and they begin to trust me more and bring that ‘intuition first, learn the details later.’ Then I see people start to flourish and become more flexible thinkers.”

Gorsuch’s work isn’t just limited to Academy’s campus. She is also an educator and researcher in the calculator community with her work in Texas Instruments, one of the most impactful calculator retailers in the United States. “Yes, everyone can come to my room and get their calculator fixed,” Gorsuch jokes. 

If Gorsuch’s resumé seems impressive, just wait till you hear what the rest of the department has been up to. Chris Bolognese, the Math Department Chair, also won the Buck Martin Award for Exemplary Mathematics Teaching, in 2017. Both teachers are previous recipients of the OCTM’s Central Ohio High School Math-Teacher-of-the-Year Honors – Gorsuch and Bolognese received the award in 2014, and 2016, respectively. Katie Castle, a math educator in Academy’s Middle School, earned the OCTM’s Central Ohio Middle School Math-Teacher-of-the-Year Honors in 2018.

Congratulations to Rachael Gorsuch on her 2019 OCTM State High School Math Teacher of the Year Honors!


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