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Fall Pep Rally Excites Students 

Young Vikings cheer pm their classmates during the Dance Battle. (Ella Morriss’22/Media)

On Friday, October 4, students excitedly entered “The Mack” to the energetic beat of the school band for the Fall Pep Rally.

Kicking off with an Avengers-style movie, our Vikings, Taylor Warren and Andrew Cahall, battled faculty members acting as rival schools. The video ended in a struggle between Cahall and the Bexely lion, with Cahall entering the gym captured by the rival, followed by Warren and the Spirit Squad. 

Warren encouraged the student body to save the Viking by beating the faculty, representing CA’s rivals, at a series of games. 

The contest commenced with gaga. Representatives from the Lower, Middle, and Upper School climbed into the gaga pit to face off against the faculty, resulting in a victory for the students, successfully saving the Viking.

Next, the students and faculty participated in a bowling competition, with the students winning once again.

Finally, faculty and students from all divisions engaged in a dance battle in the gaga pit, concluding a successful pep rally. 


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