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Field Hockey Suffers Then Rebounds

Kiersten Thomassey’19 advances and shoots on the goal. (Andrew Barren’21/Media editor)

The Columbus Academy field hockey team looked to extend its winning streak to twelve against its archrival, Thomas Worthington on September 23.  Our girls defeated the Cardinals 4-0 in last year’s regular season, so the defenders looked to make up for last season’s shortcomings both against Academy and in the state. Hudson defeated them in the state semifinals, taking them out of state champion contention for the first time since 2014. The squad traveled to Worthington, and the game was as intense as it was hyped up to be.

The Cardinals’ coaches scouted the Vikes and understood Academy’s strategy, predicting where passes would go before they were even made. Early on, the Vikes adjusted and broke down Thomas. This resulted in a ridiculous number of penalty corners for Academy, with the Cardinals playing with an intensity the Vikings had never seen before. Despite all of these opportunities, Academy could not capitalize.

Even though the offense was having trouble producing, the defense was on point, shutting down Thomas and not allowing a single shot on goal.

This 0-0 stalemate went to overtime, where one goal would secure victory for either side. In the final minutes, sophomore Carolyn Vaziri tapped a ball into the cage, but the referees called no goal. The ref’s said Vaziri’s stick didn’t touch the ball on the way in, but video evidence shows that the ball’s direction changed, proving that Vaziri touched the ball and scored. Sadly, the ref’s don’t have access to video replay, so their ruling was final, and the two perennial powerhouses played to a disappointing draw.

On Wednesday, September 25, the Vikes traveled to Bishop Hartley to play the Phoenixes. The Vikings fought hard and played with a fierceness they had trouble mustering up two days prior, and triumphed with a 9-0 win. The team’s record is now 11-0-1.

Academy will play its final two games before the playoffs on Tuesday, October 1, at Granville and on Friday, October 4, at home against Olentangy Liberty as they celebrate Senior Night.


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