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Peer Tutoring Program to Begin in August

Mentor-Mentee. (Wikimedia Commons)

In our next school year, all upper school students will have an opportunity to participate in a peer tutoring program, offering mentorship from upperclassmen to freshman and sophomores.

As of now, the program includes only math, science, and world language courses, as they are more conceptually challenging and can be interpreted through variant teaching styles.

Initiated by Charlie Sabgir’20 and coordinated by Mr. Dow, the peer tutoring program is catered towards students who want individual help or would benefit from teaching styles that are different from those in their classes.

Tutors are upperclassmen that have taken the class in the past and maintain a strong understanding of the material. They will commit to the program for one semester and will be granted with in-school Service hours afterwards.

For ninth-graders and sophomores, peer tutoring will offer individualized guidance from someone who is familiar with the “ins and outs” of the course. Because they are both students, this method will allow tutor and learner to “speak the same language.” 

Also, since teachers have limited free periods to meet with their students, the program avoids any scheduling conflicts, as tutoring will take place on campus during 4th and 5th blocks of the 6-day rotation. While teachers may be busy, underclassmen can meet with their tutors before tests and whenever they would like extra help.

Rising 9th and 10th graders can sign up for peer tutoring by speaking with their teachers, Mr. Dow or Charlie at the start of the 2019-2020 school year. To register as a tutor, Juniors and Seniors must respond to the Google Form emailed to the student body by Charlie  last week.


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