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Absurd in April

Hayden Compton’19 slams a dunk during April Absurdity’s finals. (Josh Tu’21/Staff)

April Absurdity started two weeks ago, with teams getting eliminated left and right throughout the month. As the school’s parody of March Madness, April Absurdity is a popular tradition that Miles Razek’20 started a few years ago and has kept running ever since.

Teams of 3-4 students play a 7-minute basketball game on the blacktop by the Dining Hall. The winner moves on in the tournament, with the end goal of coming out on top.

This year, Miles kicked off April Absurdity by putting all of the teams that entered into a random bracket maker, live streaming the entire event on the CA Student Council Instagram.

The 22 teams that started quickly narrowed down to 16, then 8, with the teams Alley Coop, Bench Buddies, Rattlesnakes, and Bulldogs being the final four who made it to the semifinals. The Bench Buddies put up a huge fight against Alley Coop but lost in the last minute 7-6. The Bulldogs entered the semis hoping to win but were knocked out 11-4 by the Rattlesnakes .

In this year’s finals, the game was increased to a 10-minute play as the Rattlesnakes (Hayden Compton, Griffin Mitchell, Carter Warstler ) played Alley Coop (David Cooperman, Mitch Priest, Charlie Sabgir). Some players’ illnesses and more bad than decent weather conditions pushed back the finale back a few days, but in the end, the Rattlesnakes overtook Alley Coop and won 2019’s April Absurdity, 9-5.


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