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Masquerade: Let the Spectacle Astound You

Senior Liam McCann plays Jimi Hendrix’s “Angel.” (Kayla Podgurski’19/Media)  

On April 26, at 7:30 pm, Treble Choir and Camerata put on their annual Cabaret concert in Academt’s Dining Hall. The seniors get to pick the theme: this year’s was Masquerade. While performing the song “Cabaret” from the eponymous musical and “Masquerade” from Phantom of the Opera, the singers each wore masks of a different color or design.

Cabaret is the only choir concert that isn’t in the theater. The Dining Hall was draped in gold tulle fabric with large colorful masks attached to the risers on stage. Round tables directly in front of the stage were reserved for the families of seniors, flanked by rows of chairs for other guests. Choir also usually performs in long black dresses and tuxedos, but they have their choice of formal wear for Cabaret.

There were 27 solo, duet and ensemble performances. In addition to a wide range of amazing voices, many musicians also showcased their talent by playing the guitar, piano, violin, and accordion. Several performers who are not members of Choir also got a chance to perform with their friends.

Cabaret tends to be a tearjerker since it’s the seniors’ last Choir Concert at Columbus Academy, and this time was no different. Many seniors choose to dedicate their solos to their parents. Every year, they also select and perform a song as a group: “Rivers and Roads” by the The Head and the Heart and arranged for this performance by Claire Budzik was their choice. Partway through the song, the lights came on, and the seniors left the stage to give single red roses to their parents. Few eyes in both the choir or audience were dry. Their performance received a standing ovation.

Each singer’s time on stage impressed their peers and family. Cabaret is a chance to show one’s performance style or favorite type of music, and both choirs took full advantage of the opportunity to deliver an excellent night of singing and music. The class of 2019 will be missed.


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October 20, 2019