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Peer Perspectives and Course Planning: My View

(Courtesy/The Blue Diamond Gallery)

Over these past two weeks, the high school has engaged in cross-grade meetings aimed towards enlightening and sharing experiences about classes, schoolwork, and grade-specific opportunities.

On Tuesday, March 5, the sophomore advisories travelled to the science rooms to listen to the members of the junior class talk about their past school year. With a constant stream of questions in mind about classes, the junior speech, and testing, I could not wait to listen to the junior panelists’ advice. After the period ended, I walked away with a renewed view about the different opportunities each course presented.

One day later on Wednesday, March 6, I had the chance to stand up in front of three freshman advisories and share what I have learned over the past three quarters. Thinking back to what I wish I knew, I loved having the opportunity to talk about my experiences and the classes I take. By answering questions and talking about the different course options, the panelists and I described our individual perspectives about sophomore year and advised the freshman about the best path for success.

Student feedback has remained positive, as students progress into the next year with an added sense of what to expect from the variety of courses and opportunities presented.


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