May 22, 2019

GoreMade: Great Pizza in a Great Atmosphere

A customized pizza lets customers add their favorite seasonal items. (Ethan Weiser’22/Staff)

Columbus is strapped for good pizza options. Donatos, Jets, Papa John’s, and all other fast food delivery pizza chains are the norm. These mass produced pizzas may be good for a large event or to order for a late night slice, but the customized quality is lacking. GoreMade Pizza has been looking to change this norm for nearly 10 years.

GoreMade began as an impromptu business run out of the Rick Gore’s house. Every Sunday was Pizza Sunday, with friends and family, who brought their own pizza toppings, which were varied and even uncommon and even unthought of.

After purchasing a mobile wood-burning oven, GoreMade extended its business to farmers’ markets and catering. After five years of these service, Gore found a permanent restaurant in the blossoming Italian Village. He kept the same recipes and offered the same unusual toppings he had served since the beginning.

Goremade is cozy with an exposed kitchen with a few tables, but the bar is the best place to sit. The host, who is also the bartender explains how the the menu works. Toppings are locally sourced and range from as something as simple as pesto to curried apple-fuji apples tossed in Jamaican curry. Despite how odd many of the toppings may sound, they are all surprisingly delicious on pizza.

The menu has four pizzas and eight toppings year-round. All year-round pizzas, except for the cheese pizza which is $6 or $10, are $9 or $16 depending on the size. GoreMade pizza carries a standard 12” pizza in addition to the “Pizza Boat,” a half pizza shaped vaguely like a boat. Year-round options include the Annie Social, which has bacon, red onion, feta with an olive oil base and fresh mozzarella. The Clintonvillain features roasted mushrooms, smoked salt, truffle oil, and a grated cheese blend. The Porkistopheles is topped with pepperoni, bacon, and sausage on a red-sauce base, and the Comfort Zone Harry comes with fresh mozzarella with a choice of sauce.

Other staples are the Chef’s Choice, $11 or $18, and the Make-Your-Own (called Your Pizza Dreams), starting at $10 with $1 or $2 more, depending on the size, for each topping added. The Chef’s choice allows the chefs the to create whatever pizza they want with as many toppings as they choose. Once done, chefs serve explain their creation to the customer. The Make-Your-Own lets the customer put their favorite toppings on or experiment with new ones.

In addition to the fantastic pizza, the staff talk to the customers, telling them about the business, helping them choose a pizza, or just making random jokes all while doing their job.

GoreMade brings quality pizza to Columbus along with a great atmosphere and friendly people.

Located at 936 North 4th Street, GoreMade opens at 11

GoreMade Pizza can be found at 936 North 4th Street and is open Tuesday-Thursday 11am-10pm, Friday & Saturday 11am-11pm, and Sunday 11am-9pm with Happy Hour from 3pm-6pm Tuesday-Friday and, keeping with tradition, Pizza Sunday, $20 for a Chef’s Choice pizza and salad, from 5pm-9pm Sunday.

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