May 22, 2019

Summer Opportunities for Students: Update on the Academy’s Internship Program

Attendees at Academy’s Internship Workshop received many tips and resources. (Carolyn Zhang’20/Staff)

On Thursday, February 28, Columbus Academy’s Director of Internships, Jennifer Conti, hosted a workshop for upper school students who are looking to participate in the new internship program.

Students learned about the benefits of an internship, interview etiquette, how to write a resume, as well as the importance of building a network by maintaining connections with colleagues.

A total of 29 internships are being offered by 21 local organizations in various fields. Tasks to be performed at these positions will range from editing for a magazine to analyzing data from customer surveys.

Students will have until March 29, 5 p.m, to fill out a brief questionnaire and submit a resume for each internship in which interests them.

After receiving the internship applications, the organizations will take around two weeks for review before inviting a smaller pool of candidates for interviews in the Huntington Room on April 15.

Final hiring decisions will be released in May.

While only those who attended the internship workshop may apply for the internship program, there are many course-based summer opportunities that students can look into on the internship program website as well.

For more information on the internship program or other summer opportunities, visit or contact Ms. Conti at