May 22, 2019

The Rooms@Easton: An Interactive Learning Experience

The Reflection Room shows how parallel mirrors create an “infinity” effect. (Carolyn Zhang’20/Staff)


Easton Town Center and COSI recently partnered to present “The Rooms@Easton,” a science exhibit that will run from now through May 19 with free admission for the general public.

Located on the 1st level inside Easton’s Town Center Station Building, “The Rooms@Easton” features five rooms that explore science concepts found in everyday life, on a larger scale. These rooms include the Optical Illusion Room; the Blue Block Room, which teaches the basics of structural engineering; the Reflection Room, in which parallel mirrors create an “infinity” effect; and the Light Room that displays how color-changing lights affect the colors of artwork on the walls.

The last:,the White Room, is arguably the most unconventional one, as each visitor receives a colored sticker to place anywhere inside. Over the course of the exhibition, what begins as a bare, completely-white room,  eventually becomes an area  filled with color. The aim behind this idea was that collaboration is essential in the field of science.

In a statement regarding the new exhibit, Dr. Frederic Bertley, President and CEO of COSI, said, “Through our main hub on the Scioto Peninsula, to our upcoming citywide Science Festival and now The Rooms@Easton, we want to ignite your curiosity and illustrate that science is for everyone.”

You can find more information about “The Rooms@Easton” on COSI’s website:

160 Easton Town Center. Monday-Thursday: Noon-8:00 PM. Friday-Saturday: Noon-9:00 PM. Sunday: Noon-6:00 PM.