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Senior Lock-in: All-night Party

Excited seniors arrive ready for a long night. (Courtesy/Sammie Kass’19)

When the concept of a senior lock-in was first introduced by then-senior class president, Christina Lee’16 in her campaign speech, a seemingly impossible feat soon became a reality. The Class of 2016 participated in the inaugural senior lock-in, a night full of fun and bonding that each class looks forward to in their senior year.

The planning for each year’s “all-night party” is spearheaded by a committee comprised of Mrs. Izokaitis, Mr. Losambe, Ms. Stout, and Ms. Eden, along with the class president-David Barren for the Class of 2019. The committee begins to meet before winter break, with most of their planning occuring after the two week hiatus. With three successful lock-ins under their belts, the faculty and staff ensured that this year’s would be just as magical.

The fourth annual lock-in was just as fun and crazy as we had expected, full of games, activities, and opportunities to bond with our classmates. From roller chairball to Super Smash Bros to hide-and-seek, it truly was a “choose your own adventure” night.

Most students refused to sleep or take a nap, and the fun continued until the crack of dawn. We departed as the sun began to rise, with tired eyes and many goodies.

With graduation just around the corner, the lock-in was the perfect way to give our class a night full of memories. Due to its repeated success, the night truly is another landmark Academy experience, such as the Navel Battle and 8th grade DC trip.


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July 19, 2019