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Chinese New Year Assembly: Year of the Pig

Students studying Chinese enact traditional new year performances during a special assembly. (Collage by Katie Rankin’22/Staff)

Every year from late January to mid-February, Chinese communities celebrate the new year with special meals, festivals, parades, and red envelopes filled with “lucky money.”

Twelve zodiacal animals represents each Chinese New Year.The year of the pig represents wealth and good fortune.

After two months of preparation, the Chinese classes presented a assembly filled with music, traditional stories, and impressive Chinese yo-yo skills.

The Chinese 3 class presented classic Chinese dragon dance, jumping and dancing as they wrapped the dragon around the stage.

Students in Chinese 2 staged a shadow puppet show about the classic tale of the Nian monster, folloed by Claire Budzik singing “Light Chasers,” as Anna Linder and Andrea Chen accompanied her on the violin and piano, respectively.

Tai Chi, an art focused on the mind, body, and spirit and enacted by Chinese 4 students was articlulate and stunning.

Making sure everyone knew the traditions of the Chinese New Year, Chinese classes 1, 3, and 5 created an educational video that emphasized the important symbols and colors of the special occasion.

For the finale, Chinese yo-yo playing captivated the audience, who clapped and cheered the performers gave us an enjoyable balancing act.

Through the combination of dances, songs, and skits, the festivity and cheer of the Chinese New Year reflects one of the many communities at Academy.


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July 19, 2019