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iOS 12.2 Beta Brings More than Just An Update

Leaks in the iOS 12.2 beta code hint Apple devices that will be announced later this year. (Pexels, CC0)

With the developer beta released January 24, and the public beta on January 28, the iOS 12.2 betas have not only brought quality of life changes but have also leaked potential future models for Apple’s devices.

One example of a design update in the beta is the new Apple TV Remote interface in the control center, which now takes up the entire screen, as opposed to the current version which awkwardly occupies part of the screen’s center. Another nice addition is the specific notification in Safari if a website does not support HTTPS, which is data encryption between a user and a website, by saying “not secure” next to the URL, which is helpful because currently there is only a lock symbol if the website is secure –but nothing — if it isn’t. One peculiar, added feature is the option to allow websites to track users’ motions and orientations. It will be interesting to see how websites could apply this information to make their websites better.

In the developer beta, which is a version of the beta for developers to create applications, there have been references in the code to new Apple devices. Since it’s only hinted in the code, nothing is guaranteed. But the references point to two different iPads, which may indicate a typical iPad and an iPad mini. And an iPod touch! Another leaked was that none of the new devices had code that suggested Face ID, and the iPod touch had no Touch ID. This is most likely to make the new devices more affordable.

Thankfully, Apple users won’t have to wait long to see what these devices really are. The new iOS update, along with the devices, may be released around March, the month Apple has made previous announcements about new devices.


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