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Mezze: Customizable Cuisine in a “Middle’terranean” Style

Mezze is a restaurant that follows the popular format of allowing customers to customize meals, similar to Chipotle and Bibibop. Unlike these competitors, Mezze offers a much wider range of small dishes that can be eaten as appetizers or sides.

Mezze owners call their cuisine “middle’terranean,” a portmanteau of the Middle East and Mediterranean regions. Mezze, also spelled meze or mezzah, means an assortment of appetizer-styled foods served with alcoholic beverages or before a meal. Meze  originated in the Ottoman Empire and is still eaten in modern countries that were once under Ottoman rule.

There are four options for a main dish: pita, bowl, salad, and hummus plate. Bowls come with either house or mujadara rice, the former has notes of cinnamon and the latter is mixed with lentils and onions. Protein options include shawarma (a certain preparation of chicken), gyro meat, grilled chicken, falafel, kofta (beef meatballs), and tilapia.

For their generous portion sizes, prices are reasonable. Main dishes range from $6.75 to $9.75. Appetizers start at $3.95 and go up to $6.95. Dip and appetizer sampler plates cost $4.95 to $9.50.

In addition to their physical location, Mezze is also available to order through Door Dash.

5326 North Hamilton Road, Gahanna. 11am to 8pm Sunday. 11am to 9pm Monday through Thursday. 11am to 10pm Friday and Saturday. 614-939-0000


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