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Belgian Iron Wafel: Special Toppings on Traditional Waffles

Belgian Iron Wafel is hidden in a Short North alley. (Ethan Weiser’22/Staff)

To most, waffles are a simple breakfast treat that brings back childhood memories, but Belgian Iron Wafel Company is trying to demonstrate the gourmet capabilities of a waffle.

Open for breakfast, brunch, and lunch, Wafel use the traditional Liege style base, made with a simple dough and the real magic: with Belgian pearl sugar cooked in Belgian cast iron waffle presses, creating a caramelized, crispy exterior with a light, fluffy interior. While the waffle on its own is great, the unusual toppings are what sets Belgian Iron Wafel Company apart from the rest.

Posted above the counter, the menu includes five different sweet waffles and five savory waffles. Lemon Creme + Berries, the Elvis, S’mores, Salted Caramel Chocolate, and, the Chef Selection, Carrot Cake fill the sweet section. But these options seem tame compared to the savory section.

Bacon basil & brie, served with apple butter or a balsamic reduction; Hargess- served in a ramekin from 7-11am, is topped with hash brown spinach quinoa, an over easy egg, green onions, and cheddar cheese; Balsamic chicken sriracha, covered with smoked chicken, roasted red pepper, mozzarella, spiralized beets, and avocado, along with the next two waffles, is only (served from 11am to 3pm); Bourbon barbecue pork duo, topped with thick cut bacon and smoked pulled pork, along with maple bourbon barbecue sauce, green onion, and cheddar cheese in a ramekin and the Belgian Mushroom, topped with a scoop of herbed ricotta then smothered with sauteed mushrooms and onions, an adobo demi glace, and aged cheese makes Wafel a must for anyone looking for a non-traditional fare.

Wafel seatings are at the counter, in the front of the restaurant or in the loft. Once you get settled in, prepare to have a delicious dish. The waffle, cooked to a light and airy consistency, is the perfect vessel to hold toppings and let the bold flavors shine. This special experience not only leaves you satisfied and ready to come back for more, but it will also completely change your preconception of the limits of the waffle.  19 West Russell Street. (off North High). Tuesday – Sunday: 7am to 3pm. (614) 947-7704.


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August 18, 2019