May 22, 2019

Band Review: All That Jazz

Aylah Mendenhall’19 performs in Jazz Band’s annual concert. (Grace Harrison’20/Staff)

On Friday, December 7, at 7:00 pm, the Jazz Band played its fall concert. Jazz Band is a music elective that meets during zero period, so its membership is smaller than concert band. It’s mostly for Upper Schoolers, but Middle Schoolers who have shown that they have extra talent in band are sometimes invited to join by Mrs. Sneeringer.

Many of the instruments  on stage at a jazz concert are the same as those at a traditional band concert, with the addition of drums, piano, guitar and bass guitar- that boost the unique sound of jazz.

Another element of jazz concerts absent in a traditional band concert at CA are the improv solos, during which the musicians will know that it’s their turn, but won’t have sheet music or something memorized to play from. Using the existing beat and sound of the song, they come up with their performance on the spot.

This concert featured vocal soloists Mira Bhasin and Aylah Mendenhall, who are both seniors and in Camerata, so their singing was a standout addition to the song,s “Embraceable You” and “Cry Me a River.” Both girls received a standing ovation after their performances.

Six out of the seven songs played were written to be jazz songs, but the last song was an arrangement of the pop song, “Rock with You” by Michael Jackson. The song translated well from pop to instrumental jazz and was one of the faster, more upbeat selections of the night.

The band presented an excellent concert, with many underclassmen stepping up with music of high caliber.