May 22, 2019

Fall Play: Twelve Angry Jurors

The entire show takes place in a courtroom. (Pixabay)

Based on a 1957 movie,  Twelve Angry Men, this year’s fall play: Twelve Angry Jurors will have both male and female students in the cast. This drama centers upon an 11-1 vote in a murder trial, focusing on the jury of the case. 

In the beginning, 11 jurors vote that that the accused is guilty, while only one votes the accused is innocent. When the case’s facts are thrown into question, the  jury must reconsider its initial impressions. 

Director Scott Dillon says, “There are a lot of things that happen within the show that apply to today’s environment, and after reading it, I thought it had a lot to say and a lot to offer.” 

Dillon’s goal is to have the audience leave the performance with an attitude that violence is unnecessary because communication between people should be kept civil despite differences in their opinions.

Dillon anticipates that one of the biggest challenges with the show will be maintaining the audience’s interest since the only set is a large table with the  actors must be performing around it.