May 22, 2019

Senior Lock-In: Priceless and Unscripted Time

Quad in Lights for Seniors. Esther Lawrence: “Some of my best CA memories were made tonight.” (Courtesy/Ms. Reifeis)

When Upper School Head, Cory Izokaitis, approved a Senior Lock-in for 2016, little did she know this event would be a favorite of the senior class. With hours of behind-the-scenes planning, Izokaitis and Student Council advisors, Freda Eden and Bri Stout, along with all Upper School faculty, hosted an evening of fun, followed by a sleep-in, and ending with a morning smorgasbord of breakfast fare. From its inception three years ago, this celebration has been a roaring success.

Based on the premise of Christina Lee’s class president speech in 2015, and along with Student Body president and Vice-president, Lawson Stump’16 and Otis Klingbeil’16, respectively, these students asked if we would ever consider some sort of all-night party for the seniors. After its megahit, it seemed a shame not to do it again after-seeing how galvanizing it was for that first group of students who participated. It was also great for faculty, who got to see students play and be silly in ways that may not happen in the regular school day.  

Talking with their students about hobbies, childhood, memories from CA, and favorite TV shows–you name it–the faculty also enjoyed the celebration. This event, by its very nature, allows for unscripted time that is priceless. 

Aside from a little fatigue, it’s largely a win-win on good vibes and community for everyone who participates. As Darnell Heywood says, The Senior Lock-IN is probably my favorite event of the year. I look around and think I am at a party with my best friends . . . and then I realize it is my students! The energy is unbelievable. This is the best way we welcome seniors to adulthood.” 

Students were just as praiseworthy: “The senior Lock-IN was one of the highlights of the year. It was so cool to talk and play with my friends at 4 in the morning in the place I’ve grown and learn for so many years. So many memories were made that night, and it made me realize that 8 years just isn’t enough with these people,” says Angel Watkins.

While the night’s details remain secret (No spoiler alert here.), so upcoming seniors will have a night to remember, Michalea Lai says, “The faculty and staff contributed so much to make this night both brilliant and fun, leading to an unforgettable senior lock-in. I am very excited for my fellow underclassmen to experience this wonderful event!”

Thanks to the faculty who made this night so memorable.

While the fun and surprises cannot be disclosed, all future seniors should look forward to the January of the year of graduation. Khloe Dubenion confirms, “The lock-in was so much fun! There was so many surprises. We got to hang with our close friends but also  we got to hang out with people that we don’t normally get to hang out with. The lock-in will definitely be one of my favorite CA memories.”