October 20, 2018

Redesigned Exam Times a Win-Win

Many people are wondering why there is a Friday exam this year, compared to years prior. This change will affect students’ studying and preparation in a major way: affording them an extra 3-5 hours on Friday to prepare. According to Mr. Dow, the Dean of Scheduling, this year’s calendar has pushed us forward before the two-week break in December, extending our vacation into an extra week into January. 

While having an exam the first day after classes may appear to hinder our studying schedules, it, in fact, helps us. Rather than getting out of school on Friday at 3:20 and potentially having sports practice with no time to study, students will get out from the exam 3 ½ hours earlier, providing extra study time. This also gets one exam out of the way, leaving the weekend to prepare for the rest. Having only 3 days to take exams the following week gives us more time to be with family for the holidays. 

As usual, most exams will take place in Dennett Hall on both floors. There will be certain times when the library may be used to hold an exam, due to our increased numbers this year. Even some of the World Language rooms will also be used to accommodate students.

Quiet spaces will be available for students to study before the exam on Friday, December 15th. Many students who get a ride from their families have to be dropped off early. These students may get additional study time, eat a snack, and get into a relaxed mode for the first exam. For students who have to stay at school after the test, lunch and study areas will be available. 

Our semester exam schedule is listed below. Additionally, Mr. Dow will speak about the changes on Monday, December 11th, during our Upper School assembly. 

December 15 

10:00 World Languages

December 18          



December 19          


12:00/Computer Science/Music Theory

December 20         


December 21          

9:00/Make Up Exam