June 18, 2019
Opinion & Editorial

This is a Mayday Signal

The city of this weekend’s tragedy. (Thomas Hawk/Flickr) 

The following letter is in response to the Las Vegas attacks. Georgia Tuckerman has sent this to her representatives: Beatty, Brown, and Portman.

Dear Representatives, 

I took a foreign relations course the summer before my junior year with students from all over the world. The international students preached that they were scared to be in America, scared they were going to get shot just by walking down the street. The American students looked at these kids as if they were foolish, but these foreigners were more rational than any American not heartbroken and absolutely furious about another mass shooting.

The tolerance that has built up in response to killings in our country among civilians, and yes, you politicians, is possibly the most inexcusable and scary of all. How many more does it take: Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, Orlando, now Las Vegas, and not to mention the mass shootings that happen, on average, everyday in this country. How does one of these tragedies not push you to a relentless, all-consuming fight to save more human lives?

If this doesn’t motivate change, then what will.

Thank you for your ongoing service to our country, but you have a choice that reflects directly on your moral conscious, both in the face of God and our entire nation. My community, my family, and I are in need of protection, now more than ever, and you are one of the few who have the power to give our “civilized” country and state the safety, security, and peace of mind it is supposed to have.

There needs to be unity. There is too much evil in the world for people who value human spirit and life to be arguing with one another.

Good Americans can stand going through a more comprehensive background check to stop amoral Americans from getting their hands on a gun. Good gun-owners can obey strictly enforced laws, so law enforcement can catch those who don’t. Our fundamental freedom is valuable, but it is crucial that this freedom isn’t at the disposal of the evil, not for the sake of big government but for the sake of our liveliness.

I am part of your constituency. I am your vote, and my life should not be at risk when attending an Ohio State game on a Saturday afternoon, let alone going to school everyday. You have the obligation to protect Ohioans. Please have the integrity to dismiss the powerful money and influence of lobbyists, and do what is best to create a safer America. If Ohio can take the courageous step in the right direction, then we can hope others will be less fearful to follow.

This is a Mayday signal. Your distress alone is insufficient. Please take action.