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Mr. Exline Begins his 50th Year

Family, friends, faculty, and all of Academy applaud a tribute Mr. Exline. (Inji kang’19/Media)

Convocation is one of Academy’s most valued traditions, gathering the entire student body, staff, and faculty to celebrate the beginning of the school year. From the student body president’s welcome speech to the widely anticipated introduction of seniors and their kindergarten buddies, this event features commemorations of new beginnings and connections. On Opening Day, Academy also honors the dedication of teachers who have served our school for 20, 30 and 40 years. This year’s ceremony was monumental because of one laudable teacher: Mr. John Exline. 

Mr. Exline’64 is beginning his 50th year as a member of Columbus Academy’s faculty, a feat no other Academy teacher has ever made. His titles have multiple and diverse ranges, showing the breadth of his influence on the school. 

In Mrs. Soderberg’s tribute to Mr. Exline, she noted the following of his many contributions:

                      He has been an assistant varsity boys basketball coach, junior 

                      varsity boys basketball coach, reserve boys basketball coach,

                      middle school girls basketball coach, freshmen girls basketball

                      coach, and freshmen boys basketball coach . . . He has coached

                      middle school golf and baseball, and 7th and 8th grade baseball

                      and reserve football. He has taught middle school American History, 

                      upper school economics, US History and  SAT prep. He served as

                      the Director of the Summer Program for 12 years, Financial Aid

                      Director for 13 years, Middle School Head for a year, and upper and

                      the middle school scheduler for 2 years. When he was very young and

                      full of vim and vigor, Mr. Exline even became a Ground Maintenance

                      technician in 1979. 

                      Beyond the simple numbers (and there are a lot of them), John Exline 

                      is an excellent person in our school. He is even-tempered, thoughtful, 

                      and full of devotion to this place. 

                      We give him this compass so that he will always know that Columbus

                      Academy is his true north!

                      Thank you, John, for the 50 years you have given the school. We are

                      forever in your debt! 

Generations of families have been taught by Mr. Exline, and he is both a well-known and well-loved member of the community.

We thank Mr. Exline for his exemplary devotion to the school, and we are heartened that he will continue to mentor and guide students for many years to come. 


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