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Prep Performances for OMEA

As a dress rehearsal for the upcoming OMEA solo and ensemble districts, Academy’s Women’s Chorus and Camerata had a combined concert with the concert band on Tuesday, February 21. Director Amy Brooks and band conductor Jessica Sneeringer,  proudly showcased their hard-working students.

The Choir, adorned in identical black gowns and dangling “diamond” earrings, began with “Ominia Sol,” accompanied by Jennifer Kristoff. “Voice On the Wind” was next, introduced by a solo from Khloe Dubenion’18, whose delicate voice matched the drumbeats of Kyle Channel ’19. The group ended with“No One Is Alone.”

Next up were Academy’s tenors, seniors Tin Le and Damian Dorrance-Steiner and sophomores Kyle Channel and Peter DiMaggio, all of whom impressed the audience with their complementing bold voices. Arranged by DiMaggio, the boys sang “Guillotine.”

Tessa Lopresti ’18, Sanskruti Adman ’20, and Maggie Ridgeway ’19 performed “In Time of Silver Rain.”

After the ensembles, Camerata took the stage with “River of Imagination,” “Homeward Bound,” and “Land of Our Dreams.” Solos from Julia Leet ’18, Kami Tibbles ’19, and  Dorrance-Steiner brought these pieces to life.

The finale of the evening was composed of over 50 concert band students, who began a three-movement piece, “Nathan Hale Trilogy,” finishing with“Ammerland” and “Covington Square.” Throughout each piece, sounds ranging from flutes to percussion were brought together in harmony.

Sneeringer ended the concert with her famous line: “You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here!”

All performers are well-prepared to perform at OMEA.


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