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Latin V’s Sneak Peak of OJCL Performance

(Photo courtesy of Christy Bening)

In preparation for their performance at the Ohio Junior Classical League (OJCL), the Latin V Seniors put on “Wicked Forum Romanum” to an avid student body that couldn’t hold down its laughter on Friday, February 10.

As with the previous year, Mrs. Bening and her senior class wowed the judges to claim top three in the state and the chance to perform at OJCL in front of an even larger crowd.

This year’s theme is”Errare Humanum est sed perseverave est diabolicum”: “To err is human but to persist is diabolical.” Ketan Agrawal played the lead of the skit as “Marcus Favonius.”

In a pun-filled fifteen minutes with several references to pop culture, the seniors produced an episode of “Forum Romanum,” an SNL-type show in Latin, with two main sketches: an ancient Roman take on Hell’s Kitchen renamed as “Hades’s Kitchen,” featuring cooking competitions to the death and another scene loosely tied to the Bachelor, with Adi Jadcherla, starring as a maniacal King Nero looking for love.

The seniors will perform their skit live at 67th OJCL Convention at the downtown Crowne Plaza between February 24 and 26. This year’s themes include Club T-Shirt Day, Intergalactic Gallic Wars, and Radical Romans!


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