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TEDx Returns to Columbus

Get ready because the eighth annual TEDxColumbus is coming. TEDx invites you and any others to make nominations for the upcoming conference. The deadline is May 30, and the policy is anyone can nominate anyone.

For those that don’t know, TEDx is a smaller series of the larger TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conferences held in different cities every year. The number of people that speak at each gathering depends on the length of the event. Each presenter prepares a 3 – 10 minute ‘talk’ and delivers it to a wide live and online audience.

TEDx’s popularity has been on the rise ever since its 2007 debut, so make sure to get your nominations in before the deadline!

When:   4 November 2016

Where:  Capitol Theatre

For more information on TEDxColumbus 2016 and other events visit:


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