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A Prom Full of Stars

This past Saturday, April 16, the Upper School was treated to a stellar night by the Junior Prom Committee of Caroline Anders, KJ Boyce, Jacinta Crestanello, Alaina Gwin, Austin Lawrence,  Sid Menon, Baylee Mueller, Karina Walter, Dylan Warren, Sarah Wexner, and  Michael Zhang, under the leadership of Ms. Graan and Ms. Stout. From a brightly lit walkway to planets hanging above the dance floor, Lazer Kraze had been transformed from a typical hangout for kids into an elegant and galactic scene.

It was common knowledge in the weeks leading up to the dance that there were some doubts about the dance’s location. The Jeffrey Mansion? Sure. The Columbus Zoo? Sounds like fun. But for some reason, even after one of the most enthusiastic dance announcements I’ve seen, came a feeling of, “How are they going to pull this one off?” permeated the student body. Yet, the committee proved to us just how impeccable its planning had been. The months of work were apparent in the masterful use of the space and creative decorations.

With an arcade and the promise of laser tag in addition to dancing, there was plenty to do. And while that may have meant that people were a little thinly spread out, it also meant that all students found something they enjoyed at the venue.

In addition, the juniors prepared a surprise for the seniors. In the middle of the dance, the seniors were called outside to light sky lanterns and then sent them floating into the night sky, allowing them to cherish their last dance together.

If you haven’t done so already, please thank the committee, Ms. Graan, Ms. Stout for a dance that was, as promised, out of this world.

Photo by Michael Zhang


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