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Solo and Ensemble Ratings

On Saturday, February 15, musicians from all corners of Academy performed in the Ohio Music Education Association’s Solo and Ensemble Competition. Each student or group was assigned a rating after performing. The ratings go from 1-5, with 1 being Superior. The rankings for the Band, Choir, and Orchestra solos and ensembles are listed below.


Superior I

Class C Vocal Solo – Marcus Grewal

Class C Vocal Solo – Peter DiMaggio

Class C Vocal Solo – Sidney Edson

Class C Vocal Trio – Julia Leet, Khloe Dubenion, Kami Tibbles

Class C Piano Solo – Marcus Grewal

Class B Vocal Solo – Kyle Channell

Class B Vocal Solo – Abby Jeffers

Class B Vocal Solo – Julia Leet

Class B Vocal Solo – Khloe Dubenion

Class A Vocal Solo – Sarah Morris

Class A Vocal Solo – Allegra Solomon

Class A Vocal Solo – Claire Budzik

Class A Vocal Solo – Emma Cordray

Class A Vocal Solo – Katie Loveday

Excellent II

Class C Vocal Solo – Aylah Mendenhal

Class C Vocal Quartet – Aylah Mendenhall, Sidney Edson, Mira Bhasin, Maggie Ridgeway

Class B Vocal Solo – Maggie McCann

Class B Vocal Solo – Mira Bhasin

Class B Vocal Solo – Jacob Jeffers

Class B Vocal Solo – Ellie Levine

Class A Vocal Solo – Sarah Campbell


Superior I

Class C Flute Solo – Camila Jones

Class C Alto Saxophone Solo – Louie Grant

Class B Trombone Solo – Dorian Lacey-Garita

Class B Alto Saxophone Solo – Abhi Ramesh

Class A Alto Saxophone Solo – Nick Robie

Class A Trombone Solo – Sophia Anasis

Class A Flute Solo – Kami Tibbles

Class A French Horn Solo – Sarah Morris

Excellent II

Class C Marimba Solo – Carson Nichols

Class C Trombone Solo – Evan Scott

Class B Trombone Solo – Michael Qi

Class B Trombone Trio – Dorian Lacey-Garita, Sophia Anasis, Evan Scott


Superior I

Class C Cello Solo – Cole Raiken

Class B Violin Solo – Aden Weiser

Class B Violin Solo – Hunter Moffett

Class B Viola Solo – Won Jae Lee

Class A Cello Solo – Mary Kate Kelley

Class A Violin Solo – Raymond Cao

Class A Violin Solo – Andy Zhang

Class A Violin Solo – Camille Reeves

Class A Violin Solo – Ketan Agrawal

Class A Violin Solo – Ginnie Ma

Class A Piano Solo – Ginnie Ma

Class A Piano Solo – Andy Zhang

Class A Cello Solo – Eric Menq

Borodin String Quartet – Ginnie Ma, Raymond Cao, Won Jae Lee, Eric Menq

Beethoven String Quartet – Ketan Agrawal, Hunter Moffett, Atticus Lee, Jack Mills

Vivaldi Violin Quartet – Maggie Ridgeway, Camille Reeves, Andy Zhang, Aden Weiser

Contemporary Ensemble – Natalie L’Hommedieu, Suriya Sandaram, Tani Obikunle, Harika Vandrasi, Atticus Lee, Himaja Reddy, Spencer Kaswinkle, Cole Raiken, Kaitlyn Heintzelman, Harry Mills

Excellent II

Class C Cello Solo – Kaitlyn Heintzelman

Class A Violin Solo – Maggie Ridgeway




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