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Choir and Band Host Joint Concert

On Tuesday, February 23, the Upper School Concert Band, our Viking Choir, and Camerata came together for a joint concert that was different from most performing arts concerts.

Fifteen  ensembles were performed, and unlike traditional performances, each section of the Concert Band had prepared its own piece, by learning and critiquing its song, with little exchange from Mrs. Sneeringer, the band director.

The two choirs, Viking and Camerata, also sang in ensembles of various sizes. The two choirs sang a piece each, plus a men’s song and a women’s song. Alongside this, a trio and a quartet who had performed at the Solo and Ensemble Competition earlier in the year performed as well.

The joint concert, composed solely of these ensembles, allowed for the audience to hear groups that it ordinarily wouldn’t have heard. In the lobby after the show, parents could be heard exclaiming about how cool it was to see the choir, because they only ever came to band concerts (or vice versa). Thanks to the combined efforts of Mrs. Sneeringer, Mrs. O’Rourse, Mrs. Brooks, and Mrs. Kristoff, the evening was a hit.



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