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Superbowl. Super Ads. Super Profits.

It’s Super Bowl 50, and ad promoters are aiming to best last year’s commercials. More attention means more money even if time spots come at a hefty price. In 2015, the highest price for a thirty-second second clip went for $4.5 million. Retailers were in bidding wars over products ranging from “Avocados From Mexico” to toenail fungus medication.

155 ads made up 34% of the game’s telecast’s air time in 2015. Car and truck commercials took up the most air time, followed by television shows, then movies, food and drinks, insurance, and beer. Fifty-two starred a celebrity, and nine featured a dog. Six were for the show,“The Blacklist,” and one was a promotion for Scientology .

This year, a newly released Heinz ad, as seen on the Today Show, was created in part by CA’s Jay Nelson’88. He even does the voice over at the end of it! Nelson’s commercial is already being praised for for its hilarious and charming incorporation of adorable “wiener” dogs with Heinz’s classic condiment products.

Heinz’s commercial along with others reminds us all that this Sunday is a great time for us all to relax and enjoy a fun evening with family and friends.


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