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New Water Bottle has Academy Students Feeling “S’well”

A new trend has taken over the Academy halls. And it’s not an unwanted comeback of the notorious silly-bands but a simple, sleek way to carry the beverage of your choice: the S’well bottle.
This streamlined, stylish water bottle can be seen at water fountains all around the school. Popular because of its temperature-maintaining properties, S’well promotes its ability to stay cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. S’well’s designs range from vibrant neons to smooth wood finishes.

Academy is not the first to take a bite into this fad. Ellen Degeneres advertised them on her show, and and every TED conference puts it in the show’s gift bags. This sensation has also taken over the shelves and retail websites of various large department stores including J.Crew, Nordstrom, Jack Spade, and Neiman Marcus. They were even sold in Starbucks nationwide before completely selling out.

S’well additionally publicizes its collaboration with UNICEF, to aid in providing clean and drinkable water to children worldwide.

So what’s not to love? Its price. At $45 dollars a shot for a 25 oz. bottle, one has to wonder if this item is a fashion trend or a status symbol.

You may be excited to buy this technologically advanced bottle, but your wallet will likely not feel as S’well.





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