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Winter Wonderland a Wow

The Winter Formal Committee promised a Winter Wonderland themed event, and that is exactly what Columbus Academy students received. All eager dancegoers’ jaws hit the floor when they walked in to the Athletic Entrance and found a lodge, Santa’s sleigh, and hundreds of paper snowflakes hanging from above.

The biggest surprise, however, came at 9: 30pm when the snow machine was turned on. The students went wild with excitement; some tried catching the snow with their tongues, while others simply rejoiced in the rarity of snow after such a mild winter. There was an unstoppable, electrified atmosphere on the dance floor. Kids even began to crowd surf, much to the administration’s dismay.

The seniors outdid themselves: every last detail from the gooey, homemade s’mores bars to the variety of games in lodge was perfectly executed.


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