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Crowd Hooked on “The Little Mermaid, Jr.”

When I learned that the Middle School Musical, “The Little Mermaid Jr.,” was sold out for both nights, I prepared myself for an excellent show. But I didn’t prepare myself enough. Our school’s first-rate production far exceeded my expectations.

The show itself is a Disney classic. A mermaid, Ariel (played by Isabelle Irion’20), is fascinated by the human world. When she rescues Prince Eric (played by Evan Farrenkopf’20), they fall in love.

However, there’s a catch: he has no idea that she’s a mermaid. Ariel, wishing to be with him, seeks the help of a sea-witch, who takes her voice in return for legs. Ariel must kiss Eric by the end of three days, or she’ll lose her soul and become a mermaid again.

Sebastian, portrayed by Ryan Reagan’22, was a crowd favorite and brought humor to his scenes in the form of jokes and dance moves. The other sea creatures rolled around on Heelys, shoes with wheels on the bottom, and brought more laughter.
Footage of a sea and a spectacular backstage crew, made up of many upper and middle school students, worked hard to make the actors look outstanding.
After the performance, the impressed audience couldn’t stop talking about how great it was or stop singing the catchy soundtrack!

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