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Tips for Exam Week

The dreadful midterm exams are almost upon us, but winter break is also near. Here are some tips to help you get through the week:

Get enough sleep: Do not stay up too late studying because sleep helps the brain function.

Eat right: Many people tend to eat too much or to little during periods of stress, but eating a well-balanced meal will help you feel better and think clearer for your exams.

Exercise: Exercise is proven to improve brain activity and reduce stress. Also, it provides  a nice break from studying.

Break free from distractions: Try to remove anything that would distract you while you are studying, especially phones. Do not study with your phone right next to you because it creates a temptation to constantly check it.

Stress Relief: Make sure to take breaks between studying to reduce your stress. Talk to your family or friends or even listen to classical music; whatever relieves your stress, do so because it will allow you to be more focused on studying and less worried about the actual exam.

Know the exam schedule.

Good luck on your midterms!


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