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Never Lose Your Keys (or Anything Else) Again

Tile, an innovative invention, is a sure candidate for stocking stuffers or a little gift-topper this holiday season. With Tile, a new key ring gadget, as long as you have your smartphone handy, you can find all of those lost but not-forgotten items. Tile is a small, white, square Bluetooth tracker that you can attach to your keys, or really any everyday item.

All you have to do is purchase the $25 gadget, attach it to what you want to keep track of, and then download the Tile app on your smartphone. That way, the minute you lose something you can press “find” on your app,  and it will locate it.

Next, if you find that it is indeed near by, you can ring your stuff. Yes, really. Just like Find My iPhone, you are able to activate a sound that will help you locate it.

Also just like Find My iPhone, you can find your iPhone with Tile! The little white technology has a button that you can press that will make your phone ring. Your phone will ring even if it is on silent, which is unlike Find My iPhone, which doesn’t ring if it’s on silent.

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