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Exam Time: How to Mmelo Out

Who wouldn’t want delicious gourmet marshmallows during a time of stress? Here for a limited time, Mmelo Boutique Confections is definitely a must-go-to destination. Their delectable delicacies are sure to fill your mouth with savory flavors that will ease off that overbearing dark cloud hovering over you that is exams.

This small business, run by ambitious husband and wife, takes marshmallows to a new level of tastiness. The wife is the chef behind the marshmallows, only using whole foods that are carefully selected to create the perfect marshmallow. She also doesn’t use anything refined or any unhealthy fats!

Her husband is busy making sales at their temporary location at Easton Town Center. Be sure to stop in, and try a sample or two that will make your taste buds tingle anytime now thru December.

Mmelo’s 6-piece marshmallows are priced at the cost of only the best ingredients: $7.50

Visit Mmelo’s at  4165 The Strand. Easton Town Center.

If you’re unable to stop in, take a look at their website:


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