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“The Force Awakens” Primed to Make History

On December 18, movie theaters all around the world will be flooded, thanks to the premiere of Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens. After over a decade-long sabbatical, the wildly popular series will finally continue. Star Wars is already one of the top five grossing movie franchises of all time, and Episode 7 will only add to its legend.

The series has spanned 38 years since it began with A New Hope, so there are millions of people who grew up enjoying Star Wars. Because of this, the box office numbers for Episode 7 are expected to be lucrative. Not only will this movie easily surpass the highest grossing film in the series, The Phantom Menace, but it will probably also end up being the highest grossing film ever. The current highest grossing film of all time is ‘Avatar’, which made over 2.7 billion dollars. With a monstrous fan base behind it, it looks as though Star Wars is poised to shatter that number.

Although the main core of the cast is the same, many of the side characters are completely new. Of these new characters, the most notable is the main villain in Episode 7, Kylo Ren. Ren has been the driving force behind a lot the excitement around this movie. Star Wars has released several promotional posters, most of which feature this latest enemy.

‘The Force Awakens’ has extremely high expectations, as millions of super fans are counting down the days until their early Christmas present arrives. However, most people have learned not to doubt Star Wars, and it is likely they will not be disappointed.

Begun, the excitement has.


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