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Gourmet Plates at Academy

In the Ceramics classes, there are changes coming. A new kiln and a new senior tradition are at the top of the list.

Next year, the Ceramics room is getting a new college-level kiln. Among the benefits of the upgrade are its ability to fire pots as large as four feet tall. The new machine will also feature a safety mechanism that will shut off the gas to the main chamber when the fire goes out. Mr. Rahe, who has been preparing for this new kiln, has traveled to a New Jersey school (where the kiln is now) to test new glazes and see how well the instrument works.

A new trend in the ceramics world is taking place as artists are collaborating with chefs  to create custom plates, bowls and more. This year, Mr. Rahe is trying to incorporate this shift into his classroom in the form of a dinner party. Each of his seniors will make a set number of an item:  plates, bowls, or cups. In doing so, they will talk to a caterer about what dishes are on the menu for a specific dinner and create their item based on that information. At the end of the dinner party, each student will get to take home his or her complete place-setting.

Keep an eye out for some of the interesting new developments in the Ceramics class!


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