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Living as ISIS Detests

Just 19 days after the devastating Paris attacks, many Parisians are returning to their daily schedules. People have gradually begun to fall back into their routines and resume their daily lives. Of course, there is still an instinctive cautiousness within Parisians and members of the world community alike, but this is certainly a step in the right direction for the recovery of the city.Paris has responded to these acts of terror in the strongest way possible: carrying on like it had never happened. By doing this, some of the fear caused by ISIS has been diminished.

A stark contrast to the emptiness of the city immediately following the attacks, people are back to roaming the streets and packing the metros. Children are going to school and cafes are overflowing, sending a very powerful message to ISIS.

Although ISIS’s fear factor still lingers, Paris’s handling of these terrorist attacks has definitely diminished its impact.


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