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REI Closed on Black Friday

As Black Friday attracts more consumers every year, American retailers are opening earlier and earlier for the most important retail day of the holiday season. While nearly every large retailer is opening its store as early as possible for Black Friday shopping, outdoor retailer REI is not opening at all.

This Friday, November 27, REI will close its distribution centers, all 143 of its stores, its headquarters, and its website. Black Friday will even be a paid holiday for the company’s 12,000 employees.

In a statement on REI’s website, Jerry Stritzke, President and CEO of the retailer, wrote that the company believes that “being outside makes our lives better. And Black Friday is the perfect time to remind ourselves of this essential truth.”

According to USA Today, Black Friday is one of REI’s top sales days of the year, so while shutting down all operations is a dicey move, it’s a strong statement that makes the organization’s principles clear to their employees and customers: to get outdoors.

At the expense of Black Friday revenue, the niche retailer could benefit in the long run from gaining more loyal customers by following its core values, which is crucial given it is a retail cooperative, meaning its membership base is composed of customers. Because REI is the largest consumer co-op in the country, it is especially capable of pulling off such a risky marketing scheme.

The company’s multi-media campaign, OptOutside, encourages consumers to spend the holiday season outside rather than in store aisles.

With the hashtag #optoutside, REI will ask people to share their Black Friday activities on social media. These photos will be posted on REI’s OptOutside webpage and open to the public to view.


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