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Sushi in the Short North

It used to be true that eating raw fish was like eating raw meat, but in the last few decades, sushi has become an icon of globalization and a standard fare for many. The number of sushi restaurants has been growing rapidly across America. Here are my favorites in our hometown:

Kooma Sushi: Looking at their menu, I counted over 50 different rolls in the specialty roll section alone. Among these are the Banana Rainbow Roll, which contains deep fried banana and is topped with three different types of fish. Also listed as a feature is the $28. Godzilla Roll. Kooma is located on 37 Vine St, just across from the North Market.

Rishi Sushi:There are relatively few large, complicated specialty rolls on Rishi’s menu, but their standard rolls, like tuna or spicy tuna rolls, are especially well done. Rishi Sushi stands out among its competition for its other menu options. Its burgers feature unique Asian-fusion topping, like Asian slaw, edamame, or bean sprouts, and honey wasabi mayo. Rishi’s large bowls of ramen feature authentic ingredients like hard boiled eggs, dried seaweed, and even corn. Spice fanatics may want to attempt the Good Luck Ramen Challenge. Rishi is near the Statehouse, on 114 N. 3rd St.

Fusian: Fusian is best described as Chipotle, but with sushi rolls instead of burritos. After picking the ingredients for your roll, your sushi will be hand rolled and cut into smaller pieces in front of you. The rolls here could not be fresher since they are made seconds or minutes before the first bite. Fusian can be found in Grandview, Easton, and the University District.

Many sushi places treat this delicacy with less care than it deserves; however, Columbus has several great examples of good sushi restaurants right out our front doors. In a place known more for corn and buckeyes, sushi’s novelty and taste are taking hold.


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