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STUMP: Modern Boutique and Plant Education

If you love browsing through clothing boutiques and have any interest in plants, STUMP is the perfect fit for you. Located at 305 E. 5th Avenue in Italian Village of Columbus, Ohio, STUMP is a boutique that both specializes in interior houseplants and educates its patrons in how to care for them.

The owners, Emily Brown and Columbus Academy’s own, Brian Kellett, double as the guides to the plants they sell. They can answer any question one might have about the care for a plant, including what is involved in its need for lighting and watering. In fact, the two passionate owners have created a specific information card for each plant available in the boutique’s “plantar.”

Although Brown and Kellett are connoisseurs in the plant world, they value collaboration to enhance their business. In the space directly above STUMP, an artist residency program helps create many of the ceramic pots used for the plants as well as various interior design items for the boutique.

In addition to the artist residency program, STUMP also collaborates with Lokal Cold Brew.

STUMP parking is available behind the boutique and also in the lot across the street. If you are interested in connecting with art and interior houseplants, STUMP is a must see in central Ohio.


Wednesday – Friday: 12-7pm

Saturday: 11-7pm



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