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Orchestra Ensembles Impress Their Audience

After two Middle School ensembles, the Upper School Contemporary Ensemble played three pieces in last Tuesday’s concert. The first work, “River Flows In You,” has a melody that’s delicate yet strong and often used in wedding ceremonies.

The next song, “Violet’s Tango” is darker because it is in a minor key, yet still slightly whimsical. The melody traveled from section to section in this piece, making it enjoyable to follow.

The final song, “Starlight,” is a popular Muse song that was arranged for an orchestral ensemble and moved from heavier to almost dainty.

After the US Contemporary Ensemble, the fifth graders played, and then the Upper School Chamber Ensemble performed classical music that is composed for smaller groups of musicians.

They played “Heart Of Fire,” an exciting and quick-but-flowing movement. The second piece, “Quatuor, Op. 30, No. 2, Mvt. I,” was Johann N. Hummel’s 30th opus, that was beautiful. The final work, “Piano Concerto in A Minor, Op. 16, Mvt. I,” featured Andy Zhang’18 on the piano, playing his entire part from memoryan impressive feat. Throughout the piece, there seemed to be a continuous call and response between the piano and the rest of the ensemble, with both frantic-sounding and peaceful sections.

Congratulations to the Upper School Orchestra students.





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