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An Issue 3 Follow-up

Medical and recreational use of marijuana will continue to be illegal in the state of Ohio, at least for now. Despite the estimated $25 million spent on advertisements promoting the Issue 3, a proposed amendment that would legalize the use of recreational and medical marijuana in the state of Ohio, only 35.9% of voters were pro-legalization on Tuesday, November 3.

Interestingly enough, Issue 2, an amendment brought into existence for the purpose of combatting Issue 3, did in fact pass. This amendment will prohibit market monopolies in Ohio, therefore directly conflicting with Issue 3’s proposal to create a monopoly on the marijuana market.

The government of Ohio has not yet seen the end of the fight for legalization, but citizens are hopeful that the next initiative to legalize pot won’t be so obviously corrupt. As Tom Angell, chairman of the pro-legalization advocacy group Marijuana Majority, said, “[Issue 3] was about a flawed measure and a campaign that didn’t represent what voters want.”

No one can truly predict where this will go next, but it’s safe to say that Ohio isn’t quite done talking about legalization.

For more information on the controversy surrounding Issue 3, check out “Issue 3: A Debate.” 

by Caroline Anders’17


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