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Second Annual Art Fair a Success

The Senior Quad was alight with energy on Wednesday, October  21, when Quest, the school’s literary and art magazine, held its annual Art Fair, which featured live artists creating works, stations to color and paint the mural, and a live poetry slam, including a display of artwork by various artists. Quest co-editors, Alex Lichen’16 and Caroline Anders’17 headed the fair’s agenda.

Popular with many visitors was the table of  sophomores Sanna Symer and Lauren Fumi, who added  live art to the scene, with Symer sketching portraits of anyone who sat down and Fumi working on a previously started work.

Eight poets participated in the poetry slam, reading everything from Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Bells” to original works. Members of  “Creative Writing Is Awesome” Club” participated in the slam, which gave an opportunity to students who may not have ordinarily had the chance to read poetry.

The second-ever Art Fair was a success, with a fair turnout and talented artists to showcase. Students were able to interact by creating their own art, and enjoyed watching others perform.


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