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Phunkee Duck “Hoverboard” New Mode of Transportation

Since walking is overrated, the Phunkee Duck does it for you! The Phunkee Duck “hoverboard” is the next step in the evolution of transportation. Functioning like a segway, the Phunkee Duck responds to leaning and foot pressure. This allows the Phunkee Duck to be solely operated by the user’s feet, moving without the use of hands. It has a top speed of 12 MPH, and one charge can last for over ten miles. This product is already changing the way people travel and has the potential to change how the public interacts with the world around them.
Dozens of celebrities like Jamie Fox, Justin Bieber, and John Legend have publicly used the Phunkee Duck, promoting the product and leading to its viral success. The board is fun, easy to ride, and practical for everyday use. It is entirely possible to learn an array of different spins and tricks, giving the whirring machine the signature “cool factor” that appeals to many young adults.

The Phunkee Duck is going to revolutionize the way people travel.


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