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Football: Bexley Defeats Vikings

On Friday, October 23, the Vikings faced Bexley in a much-anticipated game. The game got off to a shaky start with Bexley ahead by 10-0 at the end of the first quarter. When the second quarter stared, the Vikings were ready to put points on the scoreboard. Herman Moultrie’18 ran 32 yards to the end zone to give us a touchdown, and the team then held off Bexley from scoring for the rest of the quarter. With 26 seconds left, the Vikings found themselves on the 7-yard line. In what may be one of team’s best touchdowns of the season, junior Darren Bates hiked the ball to senior Matt Watters, who handed it off to Moultrie. Instead of Moultrie running with the ball, as expected, he threw a pass to Watters who scored. The extra point was blocked, but the Vikes were up at the half  13-10 because of this well executed trick play.

When the third quarter began, the team was ready to go. Brett Bates’17 recovered a fumble on the 8-yard line, putting an end to Bexley’s scoring drive. The Vikings came off this play ready to score, but Bexley ended up catching an interception and scored off this possession to take the lead.

On their next possession, the Vikes marched down the field with an incredible 45-yard run by Jerome Buckner’18. Academy was on its fourth down on the 15-yard line and were forced to go for a field goal when Bexley was called offsides. The Vikes got a first down on the 10-yard line, but, unfortunately,  fumbled the ball and Bexley recovered it.

Knowing they needed to score to take the lead, the Vikings’ defense held off Bexley, and when the offense got the ball, Watters threw to Buckner, who ran a 61-yard touchdown.

The Vikings were ahead 20-17 with 9 minutes left. But Bexley scored with three minutes left, and upon the Vikings’ possession, Bexley intercepted the ball again and scored yet another touchdown.

After a well-fought game, the Vikings lost 31-20.

by Taylor Bates’16


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