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2015 Nobel Prizes

On Monday, October 12, the final Nobel Prizes were announced, thus concluding this year’s round of these prestigious awards. Here’s a brief recap of who won these prizes and the recipients’ accomplishment.

Physiology or Medicine: William C. Campbell of New Jersey and Satoshi Omura of Japan shared one-half of the prize for determining a novel treatment for roundworm parasite infections. Youyou Tu of China took the other half of the prize for “her discoveries concerning a novel therapy against malaria.”

Physics: Tataaki Kajita of Japan and Arthur B. McDonald of Canada jointly received the Nobel Prize in Physics this year for the finding that neutrinos have mass, a result that came from their discovery of neutrino oscillations.

Chemistry: Tomas Lindahl of Great Britain, Paul Modrich of North Carolina, and Aziz Sancar of North Carolina each shared ⅓ of the prize for their research on how DNA is repaired and protected by cells.

Literature: Svetlana Alexievich of Belarus won the prize for her “polyphonic writings” about the calamities of the Soviet Union and its collapse.

Peace: The National Dialogue Quartet was awarded the prize for its role in the building of a democracy in Tunisia after the Jasmine Revolution of 2011.

Economic Sciences: Angus Deaton of Great Britain won the prize for his research on consumer choices and how to understand and measure poverty and welfare.

by Andrew Zhang’16

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