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The Sparkling Water Obsession

Products marketed for better nutrition and even weight loss are constantly conflicting the public’s decisions. In its boast of triumphing over sugar-filled beverages, LaCroix’s sparkling water has far exceeded the sales of big-name competitors like Coke and Pepsi.

While Pepsi modified its design to be modern, LaCroix has stuck with a traditional ‘90’s look, complete with neon, which appeals to a younger crowd.

La Croix also draws a loyal fan base. Buzz Feed recently published “21 Things Everyone Obsessed With LaCroix Knows To Be True.” You can find photos of grocery carts and refrigerators loaded with twelve packs of the favorite drink and tee-shirts stating, “La Croix Over Boys.” This drink is even the favorite of celebrities, including Joe Mande from the hit television show Parks and Recreation. The company’s committed customers and superstars had nearly 23 thousand followers on its Instagram account.

The National Beverage Corporation has owned LaCroix since 1996. Its stock has risen 125% since 2009,  increasing over ten points in the last year. Many financial analysts predict it will grow further.

Water. Plain and simple. And free. But when it’s a “healthy beverage choice, 100% natural, calorie-free, sugar free, sodium free, and with no artificial sweeteners,”  a new cola-flavor (or water with fizz) is bound to spark even more interest in this insanely popular fad.


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